Introducing Sales-Man


Directory Resources is proud to introduce our newest product, Sales-Man.

Sales-Man is an iPad app and web application that gives your sales team fast, paper-less access to their accounts.

Sales-Man stops unnecessary visits to the office, replaces printed contracts, eliminates delayed sales reports, and streamlines contract entry.

Call us today and we'll show you what Sales-Man can do for you!

Key Features

  • Sales reps can view all leads in a canvass but can only sell those that are assigned.
  • Create multiple proposals for a lead, including non-revenue accounts.
  • Sell multiple books on one contract— sell print & web together!
  • Signed contracts upload directly into BookMan, eliminating costs of contract entry.
  • Stores sales aids for quick access.

Sell with Ease

  • Immediately access leads, last year's contracts, and advertisers' presence in other books.
  • Display accounts on a full-screen map.
  • Close the deal and have the customer sign the screen with a finger.
  • Sales-Man emails a receipt to the customer.

Platform Independent

  • Use the iPad app for your Premise Sales team and the Web version for your Inside Sales Team.
  • iPad app works offline— no internet connection needed.
  • Access the web version from any Mac or PC connected to the internet.

Why do you want Sales-Man?

  • Sales-Man all but eliminates contract entry costs.
  • No more hand-written contracts means fewer errors.
  • You'll stay on top with up-to-the-day canvass stats.
  • Impress advertisers with your more professional sales process.

We know you'll love Sales-Man. Give us a call today!

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